About the NTCA

No one can deny the important and vital role that energy plays in the socio-economic development of a country. Thus, access to energy sources is nowadays one of the main causes of conflicts between countries. In fact, the problems related to energy are numerous to name only three, namely those related to scarcity, cost and environmental protection

The NTCA Inc. or New Technology Canada is a research and invention office working in the field of sustainable, renewable and clean energies. Its main objective is to find effective, tangible and unprecedented solutions to energy-related problems in terms of scarcity, cost and environmental protection.

The NTCA aims to develop a revolutionary technology that will make it possible to produce electricity at a lower cost while guaranteeing performance and total respect for nature. In environmental matters, contributing to the protection of nature remains the top priority of the NTCA.

In its field of action, the ambition of the NTCA exceeds all the limits of the possible and all the borders.

Although the NTCA was only established in March 2020, its scientific and technical team has a solid and long experience in the field of electrical and electronic research. This team is currently working on three very promising projects under the supervision of the President of the NTCA; a seasoned and passionate inventor.